PadhAI-Foundations of Data Science Course

This article serves as the index page for the articles corresponding to different modules of the Foundations of Data Science course.

  1. Foundations of Data Science
  2. Statistical and Algorithmic Modeling
  3. Why is Data Science so popular today?
  4. Are AI and Data Science related?
  5. Engineering data science systems
  7. Statistics
  8. Statistics continued
  9. Descriptive Statistics — Different types of data
  10. How to describe Qualitative Data?
  11. Measures of centrality and spread
  12. Characteristics of measures of centrality and sensitivity of measures of centrality to outliers
  13. Measures of Centrality for different types of distributions
  14. Computing measures of centrality from a histogram
  15. Measures of Spread — Percentiles
  16. Alternative ways of computing percentiles
  17. Frequently used percentiles and effect of transformations on percentiles
  18. Measures of spread
  19. Pandas
  20. Data Visualisation
  21. Styling Tabulation
  22. Distribution of Data — Histogram
  23. Box Plot
  24. Distribution of a categorical variable — bar plot
  25. Joint distribution of two variables
  26. Swarm Plot
  27. The need for counting and probability theory
  28. Multiplication principle
  29. Subtraction Principle
  30. Collections
  31. Collections with repetitions
  32. The element of chance
  33. Set Theory
  34. Experiment and Sample Space
  35. Axioms, Properties of the Probability function
  36. Designing probability function as a relative frequency
  37. Designing probability functions for experiments for which all outcomes are equally likely
  38. Conditional Probability
  39. Chain rule of probability
  40. Total probability theorem
  41. Baye’s theorem
  42. Independent Events
  43. Random variable
  44. Probability mass function
  45. Discrete distributions
  46. Bernoulli distribution
  47. Binomial distribution
  48. Geometric Distribution
  49. Uniform distribution
  50. Expectation
  51. The function of a random variable
  52. The variance of a random variable
  53. Continuous Random variable
  54. Experimental studies

References: PadhAI

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