Typical trends in Histogram

  1. To look for how far are the values in the data spread out
  2. Is the data density high in certain intervals — if data is divided into class intervals, is it the case that there are few intervals that have very tall bars and the others have very short bars? If that’s the case that means most of the data is concentrated in those class intervals and can be used for further analysis
  3. Are there any gaps in the data? Are there certain regions where there are no data values available?
  4. Are there any outliers in the data and if yes, what are the outliers? So, we look for if there is any value(s) that is very very far off from the other values
  1. The data spread is from 0 to 200(range of x-axis values), which is clear from the histogram
  2. Most of the data is concentrated in the interval 0 to 40. These are the high-density intervals
  3. There are no data values in certain regions between 150 to 200 or few values in the certain regions between 150 to 200
  4. Then we also see that there is an outlier, so the value 200 is way far from off from where most of the data is concentrated.

Symmetric Histogram




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Parveen Khurana

Parveen Khurana

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